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Where on earth is Carmen Sandiego Cosplay asut Naamiaisasut

Where on earth is Carmen Sandiego Cosplay asut Naamiaisasut(YDC227)

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Thief Carmen - This is a good detective animation, the protagonist mountain named Carmen. I have a black curly hair, wearing a red dress, red high heels; are not red wide-brimmed Hattu ja use of black Käsineet. She likes to steal some strange things; such as stolen in the world of large stone carving, only to treat them as a chess piece next to the magnificent world class. The two officers responsible for the arrest of his are trying to figure out what Carmen is stealing through tracks ja reasoning. The whole film to the way the Peli, the average interspersed Kanssa the history, culture, characters, geography, ja related images or video clips to be revised, the content of which cover the encyclopedia. The following is actually learned a lot of knowledge, known as the "Boston Tea Party", "assassination of Martin Luther King" ja so on.
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