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Code Geass Lelouch vi Britannia Lamperouge Cosplay asut Naamiaisasut

Code Geass Lelouch vi Britannia Lamperouge Cosplay asut Naamiaisasut(YDC572)

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In 2010, the superpower · sacred Britannia Empire in order to seize the Japanese underground resources ja invade Japan. In the European empire, a powerful Aseet to be Knightmare attack, the Japanese in less than a month's time to be conquered, deprived of freedom, rights ja even the name of the country, the Holy British Empire will "Japan" renamed the "11" Japanese "was replaced by the numeral 11. On the face of it, it seems that the rule of the ruling class of the empire seems unbreakable, but it has long been a rift. Seven years later in 2017, in the edge of life ja death to obtain "Geass" power, determined to smash the Holy Kingdom of the black prince Lulu Xiu, as well as the seventh generation of man-machine Lancelot, determined to reform from within the empire Of the white knight Puinen Suzaku, affecting the whole world.
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