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Chobits Chi Pink Cosplay asut Vaatetus Naamiaisasut

Chobits Chi Pink Cosplay asut Vaatetus Naamiaisasut(YDC319)

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In the near future, the rapid development of electronic technology, computer, become an indispensable part of people's lives. To the United States ja Tytöt as the shape of the personal computer - computer girl, it is Miehille dream of "women." Because the examination failed from Hokkaido to the Tokyo to be ja show tree, is a 18-year-old boy, kind-hearted, always unconsciously to think of things they say a little silly boy. First arrived in Tokyo, the ubiquitous humanoid computer of interest, these computers in addition to the data as the successor to the ears, the appearance ja real people almost no difference. Their appearance is very cute, ja always completely obey their owners, so many people are happy ja computer partners. In order to catch up Kanssa the trend, the Internet ja so on, Xiu Shu desire to have a computer of their own. A chance, Xiushu in their own quarters near the garbage heap picked up a very cute girl looks computer, finally put her started, but she did not install any software, so do not understand anything, only issued a "grumble "The call, so Xiu Shu gave it the name" grumble. " Jiji seems to show tree very good impression, she is a special computer, has its own consciousness. Although she is just a computer, but when she said, sweet tree smile, "you come back", but unknowingly drove away the tree's lonely heart, so the story of Xiushu ja grumble began . Hideyuki's dormitory administrator Miss Hibiya is a beautiful woman, but fortunately Kanssa her help, ji only have the right clothes to wear. But behind the Hibiya Miss is holding the grumble of the secret, she is in order to achieve her husband's wish, let him create the grumble happy ja deliberately let grumble ja Hideki meet.
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